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International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

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Commission Internationale d'Electricité Atmosphérique
Internationale Luftelektrische Kommission
Comision Internacional de Electricitad Atmosferica

A Commission of the International Association Of Meteorology And Atmospheric Physics
(Union Géodésique Géophysique Internationale -
International Council of Scientific Unions)

The 15th ICAE conference (ICAE2014) was held in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, 15-20 June 2014.


The 14th ICAE conference was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 8-12, August 2011.

All the overview talks presented at the 14th ICAE can be watched through icae2011 website.
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>> Download the May 2014 ICAE Newsletter <<


President       Prof. Zen Kawasaki
Emeritus Professor
Osaka University, Japan

Secretary       Prof. Dahong Wang
Associate Professor
Gifu University, Japan

Members of the commission

S. Anisimov (Russia)
H.Christian (USA)
V. Cooray (Sweden)
J.E.Dye (USA)
M. Ishii (Japan)
Z. Kawasaki (Japan)
P. Krebhiel (USA)
P .Laroche (France)
S. Michnowski (Poland)

O.Pinto (Brazil)
C. Price (Israel)
X. Qie (China)
V. Rakov (USA)
D. Rust (USA)
C. Saunders (UK)
S. Soula (France)
D. Wang (China)
E. Williams (USA)

Honorary Members

H.Dolezalek (USA)
J.Hugues (USA)
N. Kitagawa (Japan)
E.P. Krider (USA)
J.Latham (UK)
L.Runhke (USA)
T.Ogawa (Japan)
H. Tammet (Estonia)

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