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  • First Conference
    Portsmouth, United States, May 1954
    Chairman: Robert E. Holzer
  • Second
    Portsmouth, United States, May 1958
    Chairman: Leslie G. Smith
  • Third
    Montreux, Switzerland, May 1963
    Chairman: Samuel C. Coroniti
  • 4th
    Tokyo, Japan, May1968
    Chairman: Samuel C. Coroniti
  • 5th
    Garmisch-Partenkirchan, Germany, Sept. 1974
    Chairman: Reinhold Reiter
  • 6th
    Manchester, England, July 1980
    Chairman: John Latham
  • 7th
    Albany, United States, June 1984
    Chairman: Richard Orville
  • 8th
    Uppsala, Sweden, June 1988
    Chairman: Stig Lundquist
  • 9th
    St. Petersburg, Russia, June 1992
    Chairman: E. Borisenkov
  • 10th
    Osaka, Japan, June 1996
    Chairman: Katsuhiro Kikuchi
  • 11th
    Guntersvill, United States, June 1999
    Chairman: Hugh Christian
  • 12th ICAE2003
    Versailles, France, June 2003
    Chairman: Pierre Laroche
  • 13th ICAE2007
    Beijing, China, August 2007
    Chairman: Xiushu Qie
  • 14th ICAE2011
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2011
    Chairman: Osmar Pinto
  • 15th ICAE2014
    Norman, United States, June 2014
    Chairman: Dave Rust
  • 16th ICAE2018
    Nara, Japan, June 2018
    Chairman: Daohong Wang, Tomoo Ushio

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